I strive to create landscapes that offer a rich and multifaceted experience – spaces with emotional depth that originates from the idea behind their design. Confrontation and contrast; between simplicity and complexity; contemporary and romantic; between subtle intervention and decisive strokes. Using the rich variety of forms and textures of plants and materials as a language, I tell  a story that creates a connection between  a person and their space. I value the analytical approach to design, combining it with a detailed understanding of nature and client wishes.

Following the ethics of sustainable development, I strive towards a  greater ecological diversity and richness of the environment I work with. The choice of plants is determined by the area, capacities, requests and wishes. Which plants grow together? What type of soil am I working with? Will the plants be growing in the shade of taller plant-life, under a tree and, last but not least, how do they fit into the larger scale of the environment? All these are questions that need to be considered in the process of designing with plants.

Expertly chosen plant material will thrive longer. Plant communities, as they appear in natural and semi-natural habitats, serve as the basis for my planting plans.

A garden is defined by emotions, an idea, and a thought. My task is to set up a foundation, as a garden cannot bind us with its narrow vision – we need to leave room for a seemingly endlessness infinity of possibilities for our imagination and experiences.


Getting to know new people, their philosophies, and lives is of great importance to me. Learning from the wiser, more experienced, and established professionals is invaluable and  is essential for my own personal and professional development.

Constant cooperation with others and  forging connections to different professions, individuals, and companies presents a great satisfaction to me, which is why I am always  looking forward to new projects and opportunities for cooperations anywhere around the globe. In the end, we all have a common objective, we have only one planet and only one life, what we do with ourselves and the environment is of great importance.


I earned my degree at the department of Landscape Architecture at the Biotechnical Faculty in Ljubljana. Horticulture and gardening have had a place in my heart since I was a child. The love for the profession has been gradually developing and growing since my parents made the decision to establish a family plant nursery. Even before that  decision, I received my horticultural name – parents just seem to have a seventh sense. Working with plants became a way of life for my family. As a student I took part in advising clients, as well as helping design,  and create private gardens. I furthered my knowledge and experiences in Slovenia as well as abroad. For some years now I have been writing for the magazine for sustainable gardening, Biobrazda, which invited me to work with them while I was still a student –  a gesture I greatly value, while also keeping in mind each new opportunity that arose since then. Last year the spectrum of my article writing grew; my articles can now be found in the magazines Zeleni Raj, Rože in Vrt and Gaia. In the column about garden design I write, give advice, share photographs taken in the family garden and the gardens of clients, and present horticultural impressions from around the world, which I visit and memorise with unbridled enthusiasm. During the last year I have been making monthly contributions to Zeleni Raj, sharing details about the events at the family plant nursery and my profession or presenting a landscaping designs that left a lasting impression on me. The tradition of garden art plays an important role in landscape architecture, however, it is important to be aware of the fact that contemporary landscape design has long abandoned the sole purpose of creating something ornamental and purely visual that only the rich can afford. It deals with solving spacial and social issues, which requires us, landscape architects, to recognise the problems and to apply suitable solutions. Those solutions have to produce the expected results and satisfy the needs of society, as landscape architecture is a socially and environmentally conscientious designing profession.

My free time is inseparably linked to the love for my profession, my family, reading, photography and travel.

I am the owner of two dogs who are constantly on my heels and can  therefore often be found in photographs from the family garden or plant nursery.  Should you decide to visit us at the Plant Nursery Tement, they will greet you with wagging tails and accompany you into the world of plants.